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Keep it, and don't feel the slightest twinge of guilt. Too small to sweat it. Keep it but wish that you had accidentally stolen something worth more money Don't care at all. Feel a little guilty about the news, but don't let it influence your buying habits. Consider purchasing other brands whenever it is convenient. Refuse to buy the brand's products. Your home is safe, but you know the storm may cause some serious damage to others.

All in all, you feel… Marvelous! The more damage to other places Mixed up. Hope everybody finds a way to stay safe.


Nope, don't see the point. Nope, I probably should though. But only because I was ordered to. I've done some, but only to buff up my resume.

What Am I Good At?

I've done some simply because I wanted to. I regularly donate my time.

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Inside, there is only one other customer, a smartly dressed old man. As you sit down to enjoy your coffee, you notice that he has begun sobbing quietly to himself. You… Try your best to ignore him. Feel bad for him, but don't want to get involved either.

Am I A Good Person?

Walk over to him and ask what's wrong. Whip out your smart phone and upload some pics of him crying They are close to coming to blows. What do you hope happens next? I hope I don't see anyone get hurt. I hope I can intervene as a peacemaker. I hope I can intervene as an ass-kicker.

No way. That's horrible. What kind of candy are we talking about here? Yeah, sure. Comments Change color. PurpleBTS Maggie Religion has nothing to do with how good of a person you are. Sarina Anonymous Would you say that to a straight girl?. My best friend has never had a crush and she is straight. Sandman Ada khan I'm a good person, everyone are good, they have something good in themselves it's all about how we see them. So I would like to request everyone plzzz plz stop judging people you are defining your character by this.

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Anonomys not hacker Chevy, I am in a similar position. I have been having MANY suicidal thoughts and am glad you got good person! You are amazing! Duck Ha ha ItS says Im a good person. Someone I knew what was right to choose in order to get the best result, but I choose the one I would most likely do. I'm a OK person, but I think I am and can be better, everyone too Thanks everyone.

Anfa Rose - I'm Good

We can get through this together. I'm going better at the moment, but there are still times I punch my face again and again. But I know if I continue to laugh, I can get through this hard time. Diana Sarina, I recently read your comment, and I'd like to tell you I also have a very low self- esteem.

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But I hope you can keep yourself happy. Keep looking for the good things in life, and let your personality shine. People don't always recognize the good thing in other people. If you look for the good things in life, you may be happy.

But don't lose sight of reality or turn your life into a delusion where everything in the world is good. Do your part to be a good person. Hugsandkisses You're a good person. Keep it up!

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