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To lose a pound a week, your calorie deficit must be calories per day. And do it consistently — three to five days a week. However, your chances of achieving this deficit, and therefore of reducing visceral fat along with its squishy counterpart, are hugely increased if you eat a diet rich in plant-based foods, healthy fats and protein. All that hype about the Mediterranean diet? This academic paper goes into useful detail. The exercise and diet recipe is really quite simple, then. But is it easy to achieve? That depends.

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  7. Your visceral fat will carry on clinging to your organs, laughing at you before… well, you know how the story ends. More evidence has been forthcoming this week regarding the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet and its positive impact on health. For many people the scales are seen as the enemy.

    But used correctly they are a powerful ally in keeping…. Researchers at at Harvard Medical School in the US have discovered a gene mutation that slows the metabolism of sugar…. Lara and Livvy talk to food writer Tom Parker-Bowles about his mother's roast chicken, prep school gruel, and why, as Zoe Strimpel. Will Gore.

    Why Am I Always Bloated? 5 Reasons for Belly Bloating & What To Do

    Health Reporter. It also raises your metabolic rate, making you more likely to build muscle during and after exercise. S tress causes your body to gain fat because it triggers the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn increases your appetite. How do you relieve stress?

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    To an extent, the answer is personal — we're all different — but studies consistently show that getting out in nature and regular bouts of meditation work to reduce our anxiety. Refined sugars are often hidden in a plethora of different products that you wouldn't expect such as fruit juices. Make sure to check the labels before eating the products. P eople often have food sensitivities that go unaddressed for years.

    If you think you may be suffering form an allergy, it's important that you report it to your doctor who may refer you to a dietitian. Common food sensitivities include dairy and gluten, both of which can result in an inflammation of the gut, making it even more prone to developing more sensitivities. Addressing these allergies can have dramatic impacts on weight loss, and even mood and behaviour. E veryone knows that regular exercise is necessary in order to lose weight; however not everyone knows that resistance training is one of the best way to do so.

    Resistance training, also known as weight lifting or strength training, is important for improving and maintaining muscle mass. It also helps to spike our metabolisms, which means your body burns fat even after you've left the gym. H owever, it's worth saying that the best possible training plan probably combines a variety of exercises. S leep is one of the most important aspects of your overall health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to managing your weight.

    Easy ways to improve the quality of your sleep are by making sure you don't look at screens late at night, and by practicing some gentle yoga before bed. Foods such as mackerel and herring are high in protein and 'good fats' that help to break down some of the more dangerous fats in your body. They can also help motivate you to stay with your exercise plan and work to the best of your ability. Don't do fad diets. Eating healthy and exercising are the best ways to lose extra pounds. Fad diets may have short term results, but they'll turn on you after a while, or even cause serious damage to your body.

    In the long run trendy diets just make you eat more or in unhealthy and unsustainable ways, causing weight gain. Try eating healthy. Never starve yourself. Your results will only be temporary and you will feel frustrated sooner, which makes you much more likely to give up. While you might think that starvation is most effective, in essence it could do permanent harm to your body as well as make it hard to keep off the weight. Be patient! You cannot expect immediate results in a healthy way.

    Any method that sees fat just "melting off" is also likely extremely bad for your body. The best way to preserve your health and keep the fat off long-term is to take the steps we discuss above. Also, keep in mind: some people find it harder to obtain a flat stomach than others. Natural body shape and your own personal fitness level play a role. What works quickly for some might not work quickly for you. Learn to cope with stress. Many people overeat because work, their family, or other factors are causing them too much stress. Finding other ways to cope with this stress can really help you get and keep that flat tummy.

    Try things like jogging to reduce stress, or take up a new hobby like boxing that gives you a positive outlet for those negative feelings. Get enough sleep so that you won't feel tired all the time. Having adequate rest helps you to relieve stress. You will feel less likely to go on an eating binge. Develop healthy sleeping habits. Studies have also shown that inadequate sleep can inherently cause weight gain, so get yourself to bed!

    Work on your personal image and self-confidence. Many people eat more food than they need to make them feel better, because others put them down, they feel lonely, or they don't like how they look. Don't do this! You are beautiful and amazing! When you accept that you are incredible just as you are, you'll find that you're okay with a little softness in the navel region. Don't compare your body to that of others. Everyone has a different body type and no one will ever look exactly the same.

    You might not need a flatter stomach at all. As long as you feel healthy, that's really all that matters. Michele Dolan. Skipping and jumping burns lots of calories. As long as you don't consume those extra calories from food or drink, your body will take them from your fat.

    Yes No. Not Helpful 19 Helpful Fat loss from anywhere requires a reduced calorie diet and increased exercise. Not Helpful 3 Helpful It is not safe or advisable to try and make big changes to our bodies suddenly. Three days is probably not long enough to see changes in body shape. Not Helpful 6 Helpful This is not safe or advisable. You can't change something overnight that took days, weeks or years to develop. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Eat a lot of salad, cut out the dressing.

    Do not eat for 3 or 2 hours before sleep and maybe do an activity daily, such as going to the park or walking the dog. Despite not wanting to, make sure you sweat at least once a day, as that way you can burn calories - perhaps clean with vigor? Boxing in the gym can be a great way to release tension, without feeling like it's exercise. Not Helpful Helpful If I do treadmill for 15 minutes and eat a healthy dinner, is that considered a diet? Or if not, could you recommend a daily schedule? But 15 minutes will only burn carbohydrates, 30 minutes can burn fat, too. In your daily schedule, maintain 5 days of cardio and crunches each week, and have 2 days for yourself to have rest days as a reward in following the schedule in diligence.

    Not Helpful 10 Helpful Have a small glass of water or drink green tea. If you are still hungry, eat a small snack like almonds. Try to separate cravings from hunger because they can be very similar. Not Helpful 43 Helpful Yes, as this will help detox and cleanse your body. It also works if you put pieces of lemon in the water. Not Helpful 53 Helpful Crunches address your abdominal muscles, but you also need to do exercises to hit the other major muscle groups including the legs, hips, shoulders, chest, back and arms. At least one set of eight to 12 repetitions of exercises for all of these muscle groups -- including crunches -- completes a total body routine and will help tone your stomach area faster than crunches alone.

    Once you can do that without getting too tired, repeat each exercise set two or three times, or make them harder by adding weight. The important thing is to continue challenging your body if you want to see continued improvement. Keep the junk food you do have in a locked cabinet or if you have a bad habit of buying junk food on the go, then try carrying less cash and have your own snacks on hand. A lot of it is willpower, so just try to keep your goal in mind. Of course, occasional junk food now and then isn't terrible either. Not Helpful 77 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

    Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Feeling hungry when you have already had enough to eat? Drink a full glass of water, it fills you up. Try listening to music while working out, too! Watching TV or any other thing that helps you keep focused and motivated at all times.

    Nutritionist Naomi Mead reveals everything you need to know about pesky tummy fat

    Think about you looking gorgeous when you have a flat stomach and visualize it. This will keep you motivated. Always carry a bottle of water with you, or have a glass at your desk-this way you will drink much more and you'll barely even realise! Eating breakfast every day is believed to reduce weight gain, while skipping it results in extra weight gain.

    Keep a good posture! It will make a huge difference. Take it slow and be patient with your weight loss. It can take some time to achieve your weight loss goals, but once you see results you will never want to stop exercising and eating healthy. Do little and often: aim for at least mins of exercise each day but allow 1 or 2 days of rest during the week!

    When you think about eating junk food, just remember what's in it, and something healthy that can replace it. Aim for at least 3 days of cardio a week. This will help towards a toned stomach, bum, and legs. The cross trainer is a good example, as it targets all those fat storing areas. Take cold showers. It will boost your metabolism and will tone up your body. Do not starve yourself by not eating, it is very bad for you and can lead to disorders in later life.

    Write down everything you eat and drink in a food diary or use a phone app. Also include your exercise.

    Fit In The Middle: Your Belly May Be Telling You Something

    This way at the end of the week you can see exactly what you've been doing and which areas you need improvement. Also if you have to write everything down, you're less likely to cheat.

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    Get someone to work out with you so you'll inspire each other. If you can't find anyone, try imagining you are with someone you know, or a celebrity or an athlete with abs you admire. Cook with oil instead of butter. It is much lighter and healthier, and there is virtually no difference in taste. Drink a glass or two of water a half an hour before starting your workout. The sweat we lose while doing our workouts is actually a water-loss from our body, which makes us tired during our sessions. Drinking water a half an hour before your workout helps to be more active and energetic during our workout and help in better and sooner results.

    Use honey for your tea, instead of sugar. Don't eat food with starch. Remember to stretch after doing the exercises, or your body will ache. Exercise before breakfast. Your body will use your body fat for energy. If you're craving chips cut an apple into slices that look like chips. Although drinking water is essential, drinking too much water can be dangerous. Don't over do it! Warnings Drinking fruit juice may seem healthy, but it usually contains just as much sugar as fizzy drinks. No crash dieting! This can lead to malnutrition, irritability, tiredness, lethargy, and will cause food cravings.