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What lacks is no English subtitles for the audio and only understand several of the words. If the English subtitles is available, I would not hesitate to buy it because why not! Extremely satisfying.

Sound quality is very good, and the scenarios and sound positioning are captivating. The different and unique SFX for each scenario is perfect for immersion, and it really helps you imagine what's happening without you having to guess. The voice actress is superb at what she does, which makes it that much more enjoyable.

If you are looking for an audio work with a lot of intercourse and lewdness, this is it. Beyond the really smooth frame by frame animation, what's really great is the attention to detail that makes the animation less repetitive every time it's watched. This is miles away from any flash or touching game out there, despite the currently limited content.

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I have never seen something this well done before. The character super adorable, and I really do like the fact you should treat her nicely, or else Thank you to the author for making this awesome game! In short: A quick, metroidvania style game with some enemies, all with unique animations when they win, some with extra cut scenes and lots of variety.

The good: Sword play has improved massively over previous game Devil of Heaven Level designs are a mini metroidvania collect powerups in various rooms to progress Enemy encounters are not overwhelming and only repeat if you choose. Interesting end animations for some enemies. The bad: Not much challenge Blocking enemy attack needs to be held until animation is fully finished, not when attack hits the block. This is not a bug, just feels like a step is missing in between I think.

Ending boss was a bit underwhelming Music seemed to be a bit less inspired than previous game. I am a bit mixed on this, on one hand the art has gone in a good direction overall. The fighting system for the character seems to be improved upon with lots of animations and ways to beat an opponent. The enemy victory animations are good overall with each one being unique and you can guess what kind of victory they will have from how they attack.

Cutscenes were a surprise, something the previous game did not have. No enemies immune to sword like in last game. I did not even know I was fighting the final boss. In previous game, there was a dark hall way, lots of atmosphere, good music. Here it If I missed something, please let me know. Though I believe I collected all stars completed the game.

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I will amend this review if more content is added. It feels like this was the first and second stage to a bigger game, than a finished one, which is a pity. However, it is a fair price for good pixel animation game. You don't need to be fluent in the pleasant language of Japan to become super-aroused by Shu Sagisawa's seductive voice. His ear-licking is deliciously on point and should have you hot and bothered, with your legs squirming pretty quickly.

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All in all, this is a highly recommended addition to anyone's H drama CD collection. No spoilers from me, take the plunge and enjoy the pleasure! Have you ever finished a game and felt like it genuinely got to you in a way you never thought it could? This game did for me. The core gameplay loop on its own is good enough to warrant this game being worth a purchase.

Women too will spread the word among their female friends, and the expectations are hardly hidden. Perhaps this culture is just one of the many offshoots of the sexually progressive Bay Area, which gave rise to the desert festival of free expression Burning Man, now frequented by the tech elite. Still, the vast majority of people in Silicon Valley have no idea these kinds of sex parties are happening at all.

And you might not understand, anyway. This is how the night goes down, according to those who have attended. Sometimes the evening is catered. Alcohol lubricates the conversation until, after the final course, the drugs roll out. Some form of MDMA, a. Ecstasy or Molly, known for transforming relative strangers into extremely affectionate friends, is de rigueur, including Molly tablets that have been molded into the logos of some of the hottest tech companies.

MDMA is a powerful and long-lasting drug whose one-two punch of euphoria and manic energy can keep you rolling for three or four hours. As dopamine fires, connections spark around the room, and normal inhibitions drop away. People start cuddling and making out. Night turns to day, and the group reconvenes for breakfast, after which some may have intercourse again. Eat, drugs, sex, repeat. These sex parties happen so often among the premier V. Many guests are invited as couples—husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends—because open relationships are the new normal.

While some parties may be devoted primarily to drugs and sexual activity, others may boast just pockets of it, and some guests can be caught unawares. The living room had been blanketed in plush white faux fur and pillows, where, as the evening wore on, several people lay down and started stroking one another, Doe said, in what became a sizable cuddle puddle. It was Molly. Nervous, she dipped her finger into the powder and put it in her mouth. Soon, her guard dropped. Then, the male founder asked if he could kiss her. Jane Doe, who considers herself fairly adventurous and open-minded, kissed the founder, then became uncomfortable, feeling as if she had been pressured or targeted.

She tried to escape to a different area of the party. I would never do it again. When they look in the mirror, they see individuals setting a new paradigm of behavior by pushing the boundaries of social mores and values.

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At any party, there can be a situation where people cross the line. Women are often expected to be involved in threesomes that include other women; male gay and bisexual behavior is conspicuously absent. And, outside of the new types of drugs, these stories might have come out of the Playboy Mansion circa I had a wide-ranging conversation with Twitter co-founder Evan Williams about the peculiar mixture of audacity, eccentricity, and wealth that swirls in Silicon Valley. Williams, who is married with two kids, became an Internet celebrity thanks to his first company, Blogger.

How could it be anything but weird and dramatic and people on the edge testing everything? Rich men expecting casual sexual access to women is anything but a new paradigm.

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But many of the A-listers in Silicon Valley have something unique in common: a lonely adolescence devoid of contact with the opposite sex. I was able to survive, and remember I was roommates with friends from the ranch, so we were in this survival mode together. I had one friend who was American, and he was much more of an A type personality than I was.

I owe a lot to him from that time. A few times he made sure I was not destitute and really saved my ass. For what they covered I think they did a pretty good job. I loved the music and hated the font they used. And I find that word thrown around willy nilly, because in my mind pretty much every religion or spiritual group is a cult in one form or another.

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I would never call Bhagwan my master again, but I know people who are wonderful people who would, and do. The commune was a good place for me in the sense that I was very responsible, so would be given as much responsibility as I could handle. It was a hand drawn floorpan on a sheet of plexiglass that lit up with LEDs when one of the triggers got activated.

I enjoyed sound mixing live music, and also filming and editing video. What 16 year old gets to work with professional gear to do all these things. But now I have a 15 year old son, and there are a lot of things I would not wish for him that I went through. I rarely saw my mom. I think that word has been so abused over the years by so many factions it lacks any real meaning anymore.

The means to an end matters, and so much horror has been committed in the name of one god or another, it just gets me worked up and angry. The nuclear family structure was certainly not supported in any way. I moved to Rajneeshpuram with my mom, and as soon as I got there my mom was moved off to her home and I was put in a kind of dorm room for kids called Howdy Doody.

It was a converted barn from the original farm buildings. So in an instant my mother and I were living over a mile apart. Luckily for me I saw my mom every meal time for the first year because it was her job to hand out cigarettes, stamps, and make announcements in the cafeteria Magdalena. But we never lived in the same building for the 5 years I lived there. One evening an announcement was made and a few teenagers were called up to the stage area in the meeting hall.

I was one of them. I had a boss, and I had people I would go to if I had gotten in trouble, I went to a cafeteria to get food, etc. And within a very short amount of time this poor unsuspecting guy is being asked to do some pretty awful things, and he complies to a point. About a year or so ago I was on the phone with her and she said:. There was an older man, Albert was his name I think.

She liked pretty mellow guys for the most part so I am assuming he was pretty nice and caring. One guy in particular who was just too friendly with all the young girls. I never saw anything overtly abusive, but he was just too friendly all the time. This is just not true. I lived there for 5 years and never saw anyone having sex in public. What they may have seen is some people hugging a lot or kissing, being very affectionate. That was not uncommon, but it was never full on sex out in the streets. I do remember the doomsday scenarios.

We were supposed to build some giant caves I think in order to have a shelter for the community. This never happened of course but perhaps was the excuse Sheela used to build tunnels and rooms under her house? I never heard anything him saying he would kill himself if people left the community. I do remember people talking about fights breaking out and there being cliques at the nightclub where all the racial groups were reconstructed from life on the streets.

Again this was just all so surreal after living out in rural Oregon with just other sannyasins. My life is relatively normal I guess. I own my own business, married very happily to a wonderful woman , have a 15 year old son and live in Santa Fe NM. Before that I designed homes and before that was a tile contractor. A couple of years ago we were at a party together in Seattle and through conversation I had told some people that I grew up on the ranch. Later in the evening an older man came up to me and excitedly asked if I had been in Rajneeshpuram.

I got my GED in California but then never used it for anything. I was in construction, tile contractor, and then started doing residential architecture. I taught myself to do CAD on a computer, and that transitioned to web design and business. No, they have recreated something in India, in Pune. I have no desire to be there. To me the most spiritual thing you can do is be as human as you possibly can in your daily life. I have no interest in enlightenment, and I certainly have no interest in following anyone like Bhagwan. Yes, but not very often.

Sometimes we get to see each other, but rarely for me. Occasionally I go into some Facebook groups that has connected a lot of ex-residents, so there is contact in that way. We all knew about the cars, and watches, a very gaudy facade really. I mentioned this somewhere else but it was kind of doomed from the start because of the land use laws. Surprisingly to many people, there are things that I am proud of that we did there.

We had a massive recycling operation going on. The farms brought life back into the land which Oregon considered mostly unusable, and I am pretty sure it was all organic food. The lake that was built prevented erosion and gave us better water management. The people who actually did this planning were really trying to create something special that supported the natural environment rather than take away from it.

That kind of environmental planning and forethought is more common now, but back then it was rare. The piece they totally missed out on was the residents. The regular people, not those in charge or those with special access. There is a huge story to be told about everyone else, who came from all over the world to work together towards something that we thought was special and unique Well it was unique and special, just not exactly as we had planned obviously.

On the other hand some people are still starry eyed about the whole thing and cannot admit to themselves that Bhagwan messed up royally as a leader. I think when he started talking in India many years ago it was probably a genuine desire to share some of the wisdom he had learned from being a philosophy professor, and putting his spin on it.

As happens with people from all walks of life, my belief is that the money and fame went to his head and he became spoiled and then greedy. Neither of those responses really moves the conversation forward, or gives a deeper understanding of either side. It was incredibly happy when it started, we were happy. As things grow they require more organization and that organization is really what enabled it to get as large as it did, but also a large part of what killed it because it was no longer honest.

When I first got there we had a freedom on the ranch that was wonderful. We actually got some time off to enjoy the property, go to the lake, or just relax. The food was amazing, fresh and healthy. And then as it grew more regulation was put in place. Days off work were cancelled, and the food was not so special anymore. It was still good, but not like in the earlier days. But even then we still had lots of fun for the most part. Any community anywhere in the world is going to have its issues, but for a community of this size I think the internal issues with people were far less crazy than in a similarly sized town somewhere else.

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  • But clearly we made up for that with the level of crazy that was dealt to the surrounding residents, and Oregon itself. According to this site : Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. And every 8 minutes, that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only 6 out of every 1, perpetrators will end up in prison. I went there looking for some stats on sexual abuse but in just a few minutes I cannot make a true comparison obviously.

    So yes, we had some issues with sexual abuse, not denying that at all.

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    And I think those issues were much lower in percentage than in the greater population of the USA and many other countries. That does by no means make it right, but it does help put things in perspective. Just over people were killed by the attacks of Sept 11th, a terrible, terrible event in our recent history. And by the same token last year in the USA according to this site, over 16, people were killed domestically by gun violence. I am just showing the data. Hard to say. You saw in Wild Wild Country how far some people went. I mean I like the idea of some of the modern co-housing communities but I value my personal space too much to want to partake in that kind of lifestyle again.

    I definitely see the advantages of having a community around you so that you can give support and others can support you when you need it. As humans we survived for hundreds of thousands of years in tribal living, which is basically communal living.