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Clowder 1. Subtle yet captivating, these eyes will draw in viewers, and placement can make for some fun photo ops. Munchkin 1. Grab our freehand ink and attempt to draw any of these designs, or use them as inspiration for your own body art creations:.

Pin by Ashley Schwind on Beautiful | Black cat tattoos, Wiccan symbols, Occult art

Are you a cat lady? Embrace your status with a fun, dramatic design like this.

  1. What Ive just realized.
  2. Magic cat tattoo and t-shirt design. Ornamental cat, renaissance style, art nouveau. Cat tattoo art.
  3. Silence et rencontre: La disponibilité à lautre (French Edition).

If geometric patterns are your jam, copy this abstract tattoo. If you want something small, this finger cat tattoo is a perfect choice. This tattoo creatively combines a cat and a mandala for a unique design. Copy or design your own intricate cat-centric mandala. Perfect if your idea of the universe revolves around cats. Merge your love of cats and flowers by either drawing the outline of a cat and filling it with your favorite blooms, like on the left, or ink yourself with a cat peeking out a bouquet of flowers, like on the right.

This tattoo will look great with a line that wraps around an arm, thigh, or ankle. Use your shading skills to capture this sweet design , inking you and your cat together in a moment of affection. Home Lifestyle Art we heart 15 tiny witch tattoos that are pure magic. Kenya Foy October 17, pm. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. By Kenya Foy. Popular in Lifestyle. Close Share options. T he first door she came to was small — so small in fact that she had to bow down in order to go through it.

Inside she found herself in a spacious room littered with things. Protruding up from the vast assortment was a tiny man that went by the name of Size. I wanted a closet, but it was too big, so I brought in only the shelves. I wanted a bed, but it was too big so I brought in only the matrass. S he was greeted by a young girl — Anatomy — at the next door.

She had the near-perfect looks. The clothes she wore fitted her perfectly. Anatomy came up to Sara and with a soft voice wondered what advice she might be able to give her. Sara was curious to know how important it was for a tattoo to fit the body.

Do you want to see it hanging off your body or do you want to see a dress following your body line and your curves? S he was still going over the advice she had been given when she reached door number three. She entered a room with a multitude of very diverse objects. There were elephant and cat figurines, clocks, towers, angels — anything you could imagine. Then she spotted a little man with an oversized head. His name was Creativity. She asked him how important it was to have your own idea and what ideas were in the first place when it came to getting a tattoo.

That is the reason why you are getting a tattoo, and the first question you should ask yourself. That idea is somewhere within you, not already on someone else or on the internet. If you want to be true to yourself, I recommend you decide alone on the motif you want to be wearing, and then let your tattoo artist bring it to life for you. S ara liked the next door she approached very much.

When she entered it she saw an old woman by the name of Emotion. In front of the woman was a table filled with cakes. By now Sara was growing tired and hungry and thought it was a perfect moment to have a cake. When she smelled them, she was overwhelmed with a craving for these delicious pastries. There are so many delicious cakes, how will I know which one is the finest of them all?

The chocolate one was her reply. It is most certainly the safest choice. Most people will go for what they think they want and ask for it. It was totally different from the chocolate one, but still very tasty. Sara realised what the old lady was trying to say. This was the right way of getting what you need, not the way she thought she knew what she wanted. T he fifth door awaiting Sara was flashing with lights and tacky. In the room behind it there was a tall, sturdy woman called Priceless.

She wore tasteless clothes and a poor choice of makeup, but her gown was decorated by various jewels. Sara was now keen to find out how important was the price when getting ink done. She had heard a few good pieces of advice on her journey, but this one was useless. P ast the sixth door Sara was met by a strange scene. A table was laid with paintings, while cutlery was hanging on the wall. In the room there was a giant named Pinterest.

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She asked him about the importance of the location of her tattoo. Pinterest explained to her that, if she is uncertain about the places on her body where her tattoo could go, she should leave the choice to her tattoo artist. I Beyond the seventh door there was a young girl named Beauty. She had big blue eyes, blushed cheeks and curly hair.

She was truly beautiful. Her looks oozed elegance.

Skin46 Will Let You Get a Tattoo with Ink From Your Pet’s Fur

She had a beautiful dress with decorations that complemented it. A necklace she wore accentuated her pretty face and her gorgeous dress.

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  • Sara felt positive and hoped she would get a useful piece of advice from the girl.